Creative Spirit Expressions
Creative Spirit Expressions
Katy Morse, Visionary Artist & Color of Woman Teacher

Mama Gaia
Painting our Planetary Prayers
An Intentional Creativity Adventure

In this painting class we will call upon the super powers of the feminine spirit.
Mama Gaia has been known for millennium as our Earth Mother and the Creatrix of life.
She began as the Greek goddess of the earth, symbolized by trees and fruits.
From her body all life grows.


Mama Gaia is Our Home.
The concept of an Earth Mother, is of course a metaphor
that connects our bodies to the story of the planet.
How natural for us to witness life birthing from the wombs of women
and associate our home and hearth and planet with a life giving mother.


The invitation is to join a circle of women
curious about the nature of healing within ourselves,
and paint our prayers for bringing more joy
healing light and love into the fabric of a greater planetary web.

Painting our Prayers is a Powerful Potion!
We will draw from ancient wisdom and sacred symbols
infusing our canvas with colors for expressing and healing.
Our personal wounds and planetary wounds are woven into a matrix for shifting,
creating access to new information we become available for our life purpose.

Paint your prayers for self and planet.
Connect and align with earth wisdom.
Tune into the magic of creativity.


Mama Gaia
Painting our Planetary Prayers
An Intentional Creativity Adventure

One canvas painted over 4 weeks
4 Mondays in October: 1, 8, 15, 22
12 noon to 4 pm

All levels of artistic ability are welcome. This is a process that is more about the journey and joy of discovery through Intentional Creativity. Be surprised by what shows up!

All supplies provided:

  • Professionally prepared canvas

  • Golden Liquid acrylic paints

  • Brushes, easels, and china markers

  • Printed hand-outs

  • Red thread altar

  • Midday snack with tea & chocolates


Creative Spirit Healing Arts
Private Studio, Port Townsend, WA

Address and directions will be provided to those who inquire.

Are you ready to dive deep into the Beauty and Mystery of painting Mama Gaia?


  • $80 per Individual Session, payable by cash/check at each session

  • $300 for 4 Sessions, if paid in full by October 1st. Payable by cash/check; or by credit card/PayPal using the button below:

Katy Morse

Katy Morse

Katy Morse
Color of Woman Teacher & 
Intentional Creativity Coach

Guiding woman on transformative journeys of personal creativity. 

“This is how I make a difference in the world, through Creative Spirit Healing Arts. It is an absolute joy to bring women together for inspired conversations and creativity.”
—Katy Morse