Creative Spirit Expressions
Creative Spirit Expressions
Katy Morse, Visionary Artist & Color of Woman Teacher

My Story

I discovered the world of “Intentional Creativity”™ while searching the web for images of cosmic cowgirls, looking for costume designs for our kinetic sculpture, which at that time was called the Space Cow Bus. The first thing I bumped into was Cosmic Cowgirls University, an organization for women and girls to share their art and poetry. Intrigued, I delved deeper into the force behind this collaboration, Visionary Artist & Maestra, Shiloh Sophia McCloud.


In time, I began painting along with other women who are tuned in to Shiloh’s videos. In 2014 I joined Red Madonna, an online group of women exploring their connection to the Divine Feminine through art and writing. This returned me to my college roots, when I studied art, ceremony and women’s studies in a combined BA degree titled Spiritual Creativity. It also feels very connected to my studies as an energy healer and massage therapist.

The more I paint, the more inspired I become with the process of Intentional Creativity. In 2015 I graduated from Cosmic Cowgirl University as a Color of Woman Teacher and IC coach, honored to be included in this community of visionary artists and healers. Now I am guiding women on their own sacred journeys through my company, Creative Spirit Expressions. My offerings include Red Thread Circles exploring wisdom traditions and gratitude for women, art journaling and collage, adventurous retreats, and workshops in the Color of Woman painting method.

Thank you for visiting me, with love from my creative muse to yours.

Katy Morse